YouTube Equipment


Today, I was looking at the equipment I will be using for my YouTube channel next year. I have been looking at the Nikon D5200 or the Canon 70D for the camera. They both seem like brilliant options and the most notable difference that i guess will best suit me is that the Canon 70D has a flip out viewfinder so i can check to make sure that i'm in focus and everything. They also both have external MIC ports.

Nicely bringing me on to my next piece of equipment, the Microphone. I will be going for the RODE video mic go as its fairly cheap and seems to produce great quality sound!

I will then maybe be getting 2 soft boxes for better lighting, and quite probably a tripod if resting it on a box doesn't work :). I'd probably just go with the cheap amazon basics one as all i need it to do is hold a camera so... yeah. 

Please let me know if I should change anything and let me know what equipment you use!

Owen Parsons


My name is Owen and I like technology, gadgets, art, blogging, watching YouTube and sleeping. Im also quite into interior design and LOVE watching grand designs!