Work Experience Next week!!


Hiya all,

As most of you all probably know, I am still at secondary and currently in year 10. So next week from Monday to Friday I will be doing my work experience... i will be going to this graphic design place called Matrix. I did actually send out loads to other companies also like Google (ha ha), Curry's, PC World and some others.

One of my favorite parts about work experience I reckon is that I get to miss a week of school *Cheers* and do print and design, and i live designing things. All of my projects are better than my classmates and i'm fairly good at using Photoshop too!

The only thing i'm worried about is actually turning up on the first day and introducing my self, it will probably end up being really awkward aha

I'll do a little update here when i have finished to let you all know how it went. I have to fill out a diary too so this blog entry should be a fair bit longer ;)

Oh and um, any advice would be much appreciated!

Owen Parsons


My name is Owen and I like technology, gadgets, art, blogging, watching YouTube and sleeping. Im also quite into interior design and LOVE watching grand designs!