I started of my day thinking i wouldn't have to have my jabs until 2.15. So I was sat in English when the receptionist came up to my class asking for my tutor to go down early for our injections. I felt a bit of happiness because I got to miss English, But also nervous as i didn't know what was ahead.

I waited with the rest of my group outside of the library. after about HALF AN HOUR, it was my turn. The ladies doing the immunisation where all very kind. I sat down and they explained the different jabs etc. I didn't know what to expect from them pain wise but they where actually perfectly fine! The first one went on my left arm and felt like a pin prick and then the second went in the other arm, i admit the second one was a little more painful and made my arm ache a little afterwards but apart from that it was all fine!

- I was a little sad though that i didn't get a lollipop and sticker. (JOKING!)

So overall, All good!

Owen Parsons


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