Lazer Team - Is Amazing

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Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to post my views on a film I watched today called Lazer Team. I did a post about some of my top films I've watched recently and this has got to be right up their with them!

It is about a message that humans decode telling them that the world will be attacked by ANOTHER alien race and that they are to send down a special armor. The military train someone for decades to wear it but instead, a group of (not very smart) people find the ship  before the military and put on the Armour. It genetically attaches to them so they have to fight the alien themselves...

I found the film REALLY good and quite interesting. The story line was great and the effects used were awesome. I recommend the film and if you get the chance to watch it, then do! It really is great!

The DVD is currently unavailable but you can find the film online and here is a link to the films Merch:

I hope you guys enjoy this film as much as I do!


Owen Parsons


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