Bedroom Makeover!

I am so exited!

For a while my bedroom has been cramped, badly designed and was really messy.. like REALLY messy. So i started looking at color schemes and i settled on a nice light grey, white, other neutral colors and orange accents to add a pop of color to the room.


Above are a few items I have found and the ideas for the bed we will be building.. yeah, were gonna be building a bed. The reason we're building one is because I share a room with my 2 brothers *Huff* and so we want a personalised space that will work for us all and also it into the room. And a cool thing i like about the bed is that because there is 1 bed protruding out there will be a huge space bellow it and so i will be adding doors to the front which open by pushing them in and they pop out (which i really like). This will create 3, 40cm wide spaces which we will use as the space to store each of our clothes, shoes, etc. I also really like the lampshade I have found and i think it will go well with the other items. I have also found this light strip which I will attach under the window ledge as windows seem a bit boring to be honest! Another way i will be making thing look better will be to revamp products that I like and use but will no longer fit in to the room.

This part could quite possibly be my favorite, and that is the sofa bed. I wanted one ages ago and since I am giving my room a makeover, what better time to do it? Its a simple grey to match the walls and i will add a nice orange pillow. Beside the sofa will be a little side desk to keep the telly and a plant or something.

So that's some of my plans but I will be posting the process on my blog so please follow me by entering your email on the right to get email updates every time I post!

Owen Parsons


My name is Owen and I like technology, gadgets, art, blogging, watching YouTube and sleeping. Im also quite into interior design and LOVE watching grand designs!