On the 28th i left to go to Brussels for a 5 day trip with my school. We left at 5 in the morning and the trip lasted forever! er got the ferry from Dover to Calais then drove to Brussels. We stayed there for a few days and visited the European parliament, the Atomium, and some other cool places. We also had Steak and chips at the Chez Leon which was delicious! One day we was walking back to where we was staying and we seen some reporters for an Italian news programe called tgcom24. They interviewed 3 people about Brexit and what they thought which was pretty cool. After our stay we went to Bruges for a boat trip and some shopping. When we went on the trip they were doing celebrations for the battle of the Somme so we visited Ypres to see some of the Parades. Finally we traveled to lens in France. The next day we visited some cemeteries and some other places. In lens we went to a pizza place for tea which was quite funny because we had to order for a group of 25 in french! My friend doesn't like pizza either so she had some chips and 'tap water' :') The next day we traveled home. Here are a few pictures from my trip:

Underground Tunnels Used In The War

Famous Peeing Boy Statue

A Memorial

The Atomium


Hello All!

I may have said this before but I really like tech and gadgets, today i came across this camera called the Lytro Illum. I decided that this camera would be AMAZING for my blog photos and for when i start a YouTube sometime. And that is why i have decied to TRY and save up for this awesome thing :)

the thing that makes this camera different is it allows you to change the focus and everything after you have taken a photo! It has 40 megarays (i guess its like megapixels but a lot different??) You can also change the depth of field and perspective after the photo is taken!!

So hopefully i will be able to save up for this and here is a link to there website where u can read more: https://illum.lytro.com/illum

hello All, Today I wanted to write about a series I have been watching called 'The 100'. Its basically about an AI that destroyed the world and then the only people surviving are those in space on the Arc. After almost 100 years they send 100 juvenile prisoners down to earth to see if its habitable. they find out it is and they aren't the only ones alive..

It is honestly one of my FAVORITE series I have ever watched (So much better than Under the Dome!)

I give this film 9/10 as every episode I watch makes me want to watch more

If you haven't watched it yet you can find it on a website called putlocker.is for free
You can now get push notifications for my blog! Just click the menu and choose 'Get Notifications'. Its limited to the first 500 people so you've gotta be quick! You will get notifications about any important blog posts or anything that I am doing that you should know.

I hope you like this addition to my blog just as much as I do!

So as you probably know from my last post, I had work experience last week with Matrix and I just wanted to make a follow up post to let you know how it went. Throughout the week I got to work in the different departments such as designing, finishing, printing and other general shop work, Here is a diary of my week, to see the photos i took please click here:


Hiya all,

As most of you all probably know, I am still at secondary and currently in year 10. So next week from Monday to Friday I will be doing my work experience... i will be going to this graphic design place called Matrix. I did actually send out loads to other companies also like Google (ha ha), Curry's, PC World and some others.

One of my favorite parts about work experience I reckon is that I get to miss a week of school *Cheers* and do print and design, and i live designing things. All of my projects are better than my classmates and i'm fairly good at using Photoshop too!

The only thing i'm worried about is actually turning up on the first day and introducing my self, it will probably end up being really awkward aha

I'll do a little update here when i have finished to let you all know how it went. I have to fill out a diary too so this blog entry should be a fair bit longer ;)

Oh and um, any advice would be much appreciated!
I am so exited!

For a while my bedroom has been cramped, badly designed and was really messy.. like REALLY messy. So i started looking at color schemes and i settled on a nice light grey, white, other neutral colors and orange accents to add a pop of color to the room.


Above are a few items I have found and the ideas for the bed we will be building.. yeah, were gonna be building a bed. The reason we're building one is because I share a room with my 2 brothers *Huff* and so we want a personalised space that will work for us all and also it into the room. And a cool thing i like about the bed is that because there is 1 bed protruding out there will be a huge space bellow it and so i will be adding doors to the front which open by pushing them in and they pop out (which i really like). This will create 3, 40cm wide spaces which we will use as the space to store each of our clothes, shoes, etc. I also really like the lampshade I have found and i think it will go well with the other items. I have also found this light strip which I will attach under the window ledge as windows seem a bit boring to be honest! Another way i will be making thing look better will be to revamp products that I like and use but will no longer fit in to the room.

This part could quite possibly be my favorite, and that is the sofa bed. I wanted one ages ago and since I am giving my room a makeover, what better time to do it? Its a simple grey to match the walls and i will add a nice orange pillow. Beside the sofa will be a little side desk to keep the telly and a plant or something.

So that's some of my plans but I will be posting the process on my blog so please follow me by entering your email on the right to get email updates every time I post!
Main Characters

Hello Everyone,

I just wanted to post my views on a film I watched today called Lazer Team. I did a post about some of my top films I've watched recently and this has got to be right up their with them!

It is about a message that humans decode telling them that the world will be attacked by ANOTHER alien race and that they are to send down a special armor. The military train someone for decades to wear it but instead, a group of (not very smart) people find the ship  before the military and put on the Armour. It genetically attaches to them so they have to fight the alien themselves...

I found the film REALLY good and quite interesting. The story line was great and the effects used were awesome. I recommend the film and if you get the chance to watch it, then do! It really is great!

The DVD is currently unavailable but you can find the film online and here is a link to the films Merch: http://store.roosterteeth.com/collections/lazer-team

I hope you guys enjoy this film as much as I do!


Hiya everyone,

Today was awesome! So, I haven't been to the Cinema in what feels like YEARS. So last night we booked 2 tickets for me and my sister, Kianna, to go and see Alvin and the chipmunks today.

But, my sister decided she didn't want to go as she wanted to help mum do whatever it is they did :). So instead of my sister I took my brother Ollie. I would of went with a friend but most live away from where I do. So my brother it was!

We got to town and went too subway for lunch and it was SOOOO delicious. I went for what I always do - Meatball Marianna - and my brother went for Chicken Tika. We sat in there for a while and then we still had about 20 minutes so we went to So Sweet which is like the BEST sweet shop ever! They have all the American sweets and multi coloured Oreos, huge lollipops, sweet Pizzas, pick n mix, sour Smith sprays, American soda! Everything anyone could ever ask for! We just went with the 4 super nice lollipops for a pound. Oh, and the smell is amazing, it's like all the best smells blended together in a smoothie mixer!

So after that, we headed down to the Cinema and it turns out, we were really early! Like, there was hardly anyone in there! We went and sat down to watch he film and it was really good and pretty funny :) I really recommend it and it's possibly the best one yet!

That all from me :) thanks for reading!


I started of my day thinking i wouldn't have to have my jabs until 2.15. So I was sat in English when the receptionist came up to my class asking for my tutor to go down early for our injections. I felt a bit of happiness because I got to miss English, But also nervous as i didn't know what was ahead.

I waited with the rest of my group outside of the library. after about HALF AN HOUR, it was my turn. The ladies doing the immunisation where all very kind. I sat down and they explained the different jabs etc. I didn't know what to expect from them pain wise but they where actually perfectly fine! The first one went on my left arm and felt like a pin prick and then the second went in the other arm, i admit the second one was a little more painful and made my arm ache a little afterwards but apart from that it was all fine!

- I was a little sad though that i didn't get a lollipop and sticker. (JOKING!)

So overall, All good!

Recently, I have gotten into watching a lot of TV series and films. I just wanted to share with you all, my top films/series that I have watched and want to watch. 

Films & Movies
  1. ALIEN - This is a set of four and was released way back in the late 90's. I haven't yet watched it but I have them all sat in a bag in my room.. one day i'll get round to it though. I have watched the first one though and it was pretty awesome! - Kinda scary too!
  2. The Box - This is ANOTHER old film and i guess its kind of boring. What happens basically is people get given a box with a button. if they push the button the family gets $1 million dollars! BUT, someone in the world, that they don't know. Dies. Its one of them films where the idea is great and its different but turns out not being so great...

TV Series
  1. Under The Dome (Season 1, 2 and 3) - This series is AMAZING. I think its quite possibly the best TV series i have ever watched. What happened was I watched Extant on syfy and when it finished i was looking for something else to watch. i turned to the internet and found this series. unfortunately, they had already been shown and so I had to buy the last season and borrow the first 2 from my uncle. If you ever get a chance to watch this then DO! Its amazing.. 
  2. EXTANT - So that brings me along to EXTANT. Its set partly in space part here on earth. An astronaut called molly woods (played by Halle Berry) goes on a 13 month solo mission where she becomes pregnant. She has a child already which is a humanich (robot). Created by her husband John Woods who runs one of the biggest robotics company ever. This is another great watch if your into Syfy and spacey things :) Extant consists of two Seasons

So that's all I have for now as I don't want to recommend too many that I haven't yet watched. Although I will continue to add to this as I watch more films. I think my favorite Series is Under The Dome and my favorite film so far is ALIEN. Let me know in the comments if you've watched any of these and which one is your favorite!